The manufacturing

Spécialist of the manufacturing of round metal packaging, we offer a standard range of deep-drawn cans and stapled cans of a diameter of 45 mm to 140 mm, all customizable.

Our expertise and experience also enable us to adapt to all specific demands from our customers by exploring other dimensions in tinplate or aluminium.

With a storage capacity, we can deliver your annual orders over your needs.

Our cans are often used to contain cosmetics, confectionery, pesticidescleaning products (shoe polish, floor polish, grease …), and also used as ashtrays.

These cans be coated with a specific varnish Inside to prevent corrosion of the metal. It should ensure content compatibility with varnsih and seal.

Whether tinplate or aluminium, our metal packaging is fully recyclable and re-used indefinitely. Environmental protection has become a major issue. It responds perfectly to the European Directive 94/62/CE 1994 . 

We have a large installed base that we have always been able to evolve to adapt to market innovations for our customers.

Beside being personalized by printing, we can also use the stamping technique for our packaging, available on most of our models.