The printing on metal

Specialist of the offset printing on metal, we can print your creations in spot color or full color.

With our long experience, we have always been innovative in integrating all the necessary steps to provide our customers with short lead times.

We print small series and have no upper limit. We are able to print in amalgam.

In order to better prepare the print, we adapt your visual to printing techniques on metal, taking into account the deformation of the deep-drawing.

The printing process (application of the ink) is the conventional offset process. The inks are deposited on a bonding varnish or a white coated. After the last ink, applying a varnish is essential for proper stamping.

Special effects varnishes, shiny, matte, soft, cracked are available, as well as heat-sealable lacquers.

The Inside of the cans can remain in bare iron, certified food contact, if the content is not aggressive on the tin, or receive a protective lacquer; compatibility tests must be made in case of doubt.

Printing with UV curing and the coating process incorparating an incineration system, prevent the discharge of solvents.

Improve our manufacturing processes, optimize the quality of our products, innovation is at the heart of our everyday life.