Boudeville & Fontaine

Independent manufacturer of metal packaging & specialist in printing and varnishing on metal since 1890.

Settled in Anet since 1890, Boudeville et Fontaine is a French independent Company.

With its valuable expertise passed for over a century and implemented by passionate men and women, Boudeville & Fontaine is a company for wich quality has always been essential.

We offer a standard range of deep-drawn cans and stapled cans in a diameter of 45 mm to 140 mm, tall customizable.

We can also adapt to the specific demands of our customers studying all other dimensions in tinplate or aluminium.

Our cans are often used to contain cosmetics, confectionery, pesticides, cleaning products (shoe polish, floor polish, grease …), and are also used as ashtrays.

Printer and varnisher of metals, we print each year several million sheets for any type of application, spot color or four-color, tinplate and aluminium.

Materials : Tinplate & aluminium. Thickness : 0,18 mm to 0,49 mm.
Maximum size : 1135 x 960 mm – Minimum dimensions : 700 x 500 mm.

We print small series and have no upper limit. We are able to print amalgam.

With our long experience, we have always been innovative by integrating all the necessary steps to offer our customers short lead times and flawless tracking.

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